Thursday, 23 May 2013

Going on Adventures

Well sadly, due to the fact that my current visa is going to expire very soon, I must leave Japan and set forth on new adventures elsewhere for the time being.

What I mean by adventures, at least for the short term, is spending a lot of time on planes and for other personal reasons, doing an absolute shit ton of paper work.

So what does me moving out of Japan mean for the future of Identity Gaming? Absolutely fucking nothing!  The posts will continue, the videos will continue when I get round to it and the charity effort will continue. 

All this move really means is that there may be a period of a couple of days next week where I can't post much.  Then again, there is also the chance where I'm not going to be quite as busy doing things as I expect to be and I'll have plenty of time to keep posting.

Either way, next week, if nothing happens for 2 or 3 days there is no need to freak your shit, once I finish relocating it'll be business as usual.  I'm sort of hoping that with the flight being as long as it is, I'll be able to sink my teeth into some kind of portable game and then talk about it upon touchdown.

Anyway, don't go anywhere and keep supporting me, it means a lot.  Thanks!

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