Friday, 17 May 2013

Not Sure If Hype

Shadow of the Eternals is a game that I should probably be super hyped for, but there are certain things stopping me from jumping up and down and getting all my cash cards ready for purchasing copies of the game en masse.

Just as a little backstory for those who aren't clued up on what this is.  Back in the days of the Gamecube there was a little title called Eternal Darkness, a fucking awesome horror game which had this gimmick of having inventive ways of fucking with the player.  It had an interesting plot and the ways of scaring you that went way beyond simple jump scare tactics and apart from maybe one section near the end, it was a ton of fun to play.

So Shadow of the Eternals is supposed to be a sort of sequel to that game, which sounds fucking awesome right?  Well there are some things that are worrying me a little bit.  The first of which is sort of a personal thing, I just don't like episodic gaming.  They are saying that Shadow of the Eternals is going to be released in what I think is 12 episodes, and I personally dislike this way of releasing the game.  When I get to the end of a game I want some form of closure on the story, not just a cliffhanger and the promise of a new episode to be released soon.

Of course this is just a personal thing and if the game does turn out to be really good I'll still pick it up, but maybe once all 12 parts are available at the same time.  The second thing that worries me though is the company that is developing the game.  Precursor Games is a company that, to my knowledge is made up entirely of staff from Silicon Knights, the guys who made Eternal Darkness.  This sounds good at first, right? They have given us some great titles in the past, Eternal Darkness and Twin Snakes just to name a couple.

But then think about the last two things they came out with.  Too Human, a game so bad it got pulled from existence or some shit, and X-Men Destiny, a game I've not played but heard that it's so fantastically fucking bad that it causes aneurysms in the players.  Now I don't know the 100% full stories behind those two games, but they goofed those titles pretty hard.  So if it's basically the same group of people developing this thing, I'm worried that they'll goof this one just as hard too.

Still, for the time being I'm excited and interested to see what gets put out.  Although my worries are holding me back from supporting the crowd funding effort, but I'll support the final product the best I can if it's good.

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