Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sick of this shit

I can't go one fucking day, ONE FUCKING DAY without having to hear some politically correct social justice bullshit being spouted by some wanker on the internet.  I shouldn't have to rant about this stuff this many fucking times, goddamnit.

So what's the story?  The story is that Kotaku writer Patricia Hernandez is fucking at it again with her bullshit.  I already fucking hate Kotaku enough as it is, and if you want the article just google Blood Dragon gay joke and it'll pop up, but I'm not linking that shit.

Anyway, at the start of the game there is an exchange between two characters where one of them implies that his buddy likes to be with men in a romantic way in order to shut the dude up since he keeps mouthing off about his own perfection.  Apparently, calling someone gay is now really really harmful!  You might hurt someones feelings with that shit and then they'll be all sad....

FUCK. OFF.  No seriously, just get fucked.

Back in my school days people would call each other gay all the fucking time but that doesn't mean any of us are homophobic.  It's the same with this fucking game, just because one guy implied the other was gay doesn't mean that the writer or the entire development team are a bunch of gay hating macho men, it was just a joke.

I bet I could quiz a bunch of gay people on this section of the dialogue in this game and I would bet money on not a single one being offended and I'd be willing to bet quite a large sum.  If you are seriously offended by this kind of shit you need to step back and seriously reconsider your own life because something has gone horribly wrong.

There really should have been only two reactions to that line which are "Heh, he got told" or "That wasn't funny".  Not flying off the handle writing a huge article on the potential damage it could have done to the gay community.  What's even worse is that she even had an interview with the developer and writes the article in such a way that makes him sound like he's a gay hating ass hole who's trying to justify his in game hate-talk.  Not true and Patricia Hernandez is a fucking talentless hack.

Dean Evans is not homophobic.  This game is not homophobic.  Patricia Hernandez IS a fucking talentless loser just trying to stir up controversy because otherwise she'll have nothing of substance to write about.  Try seeing something ACTUALLY offensive and then realise how one little shit joke isn't really anything to dwell on. 

No more social justice bullshit, just let me enjoy fucking video games.


  1. Reminds me of that whole BL2 Tiny Tina "racism" bs that blew over in like a matter of days. Getting real tired of people overexaggerating EVERY LITTLE DAMN THING to be some kind of social injustice that needs righting by the middle class whites. So tired.

  2. And it continues to fuel the "isms"