Thursday, 16 May 2013

Stop Naming Games All Weird

This has been something that has annoyed me for some time, and since I was reminded of this issue by seeing the above game on Steam, I thought I'd moan about it for a while.

I've been quite fond of the Heroes of Might and Magic games for a long long time, me and a friend of mine would stay up to the wee hours of the morning doing hot seat games because that's how fucking sick this goddamn game was.  Now, notice the name of the 6th game in the series, it's no longer Heroes of Might and Magic, it's become Might and Magic Heroes 6.

Who the ever loving fuck decided to do that?! But more importantly WHY the fuck did you go and do that!?  It's a minor thing, it's not like I hate the game because of this but it just boggles my fucking mind why suddenly you go and start rearranging the name on me like that.

You have called it Heroes of Might and Magic for 5 games and a fuckton of expansions and NOW you go and change it around?  For what purpose?  Someone please explain this shit to me.

But at least all the components of the title are there and there is a big fat 6 on the end so you know which one it is.  What I hate worse is the naming of all these fucking reboots that are popping up.

Let's take Tomb Raider as an example.  Tomb Raider is a game from 1996 and is probably most well known for Lara Croft's triangular titties.  So 2013 rolls around and they reboot the series and decide to call the new game fucking Tomb Raider.  So now when I want to talk about Tomb Raider I have to make it clear which one I'm fucking talking about because the first game and the latest game now share the same goddamn title!  Why do that!?  Can't you put a number on the end? or a subtitle?! Can't you just call it fucking Tomb Raider: Gaiden or Tomb Raider: Origins or some shit?

This whole rant reminds me of that Angry Video Game Nerd video where he talks about shit naming.  Go look up Chronologically Confused to go watch him rant about games and films with fucking stupid sequel names.

The absolute worst offender is fucking Devil May Cry with that stupid "DmC: Devil May Cry" title.  Literally the worst name for a game I have ever seen.  You don't see me calling this blog iG: Identity Gaming, fucking idiots.

To cut a long post short, make game titles clearer so we know which one in the series it is, goddamnit!

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