Sunday, 21 July 2013

24 Hour Stream Marathon Results!

Well goddamn I actually pulled it off thanks to the support of all my friends and family that watched the stream and kept me from getting bored with Final Fantasy 2/3 got to its most grindy.  After that I thought I'd share some results.

In terms of game progress, Final Fantasy 2 was completed and I made quite a bit of headway into a fan translated version of the Famicom version of Final Fantasy 3.  Also, the donation incentive for me to sing 1000 words was met by a single person and the Cait Sith being killed may as well have been met by many others.

Speaking of donations, last time I checked my donation page, people from that marathon had donated about £183 to the Alzheimers Soceity.  This is absolutely amazing for a first time marathon and I can't thank all the donators and supports enough and I can only hope that you'll keep supporting Identity Gaming and my silly marathon ideas.

Despite that thing making me pretty tired by the end, I do intend to do another one, but next time it'll be for Final Fantasy 7.  When I start playing that game, there will be a 24 hour Stream and we'll see if we can get through the main plot in a single session, so keep an eye out for that.

Finally, there are a couple of highlight videos that me and a buddy are working on getting on the YouTube channel, so if you missed the extremely stupid accidental warp or the dungeon clutch of HOBoi, then you'll have a chance to see them soon I hope.

Once again thanks, and keep watching!

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