Sunday, 7 July 2013

Character Booster?!

Final Fantasy 7 just hit steam recently and I don't really understand why since there was already a PC release and you've been able to download it for ages on PSN and whatnot, but it seems to be selling pretty well so what do I know?

Anyway, since I'm doing a stream of every Final Fantasy game I own, I thought I'd check out the Steam version because if I bought it on PC it might save me a trip to my basement to dig out my old PS1 discs.

While reading the description of the features in the game I discovered something that made me rather upset.  It wasn't achievements, since it has given a few people who haven't played the game in years an excuse to give it another go.  It wasn't the cloud saves since that's a fine idea, and it wasn't the optimisation for PC because making things work better is always a good thing.

It was the fucking character booster, a feature built into the game to give the player free health, mana and money.  Now you may be wondering why this irritates me so much, surely I don't have a problem with people wanting to experience the story of Final Fantasy 7, right?

Well you are right, I don't have a problem with people wanting to experience the story, but how much of a lazy fuck do you have to be to break your characters to the point where the act of playing the VIDEO GAME is pointless.  It's really sad that we have gotten to the point where people who play games feel that they don't have to put in some degree of effort to get to the end.  Final Fantasy 7 isn't a book or a movie where you can just kick back and let things happen, it's a video game, where some degree of effort is required for you to reach the ending.

What's worse is that Final Fantasy 7 isn't even a hard game.  It's designed so that as long as you don't run from every fight you get in, generally speaking there isn't an encounter that you would have a lot of trouble with.  Making smart choices in combat is part of the game and just because certain people are idiots who can't make common sense choices regarding battle decisions and materia setups doesn't mean that we have to stoop to their level just so they can see the fucking plot.  It's not like Final Fantasy 7 is some kind of great epic story that everyone must see before they die, so I don't see why they should just have it given to them on a silver platter.

If you're going to play a video game, put some fucking time and effort into it.  Almost every game released since the last generation has been super easy and they are only getting easier thanks to whiny idiots who can't be bothered to work out basic game mechanics and feel entitled to an ending.  Back in my day if you couldn't beat a game it was a case of "tough shit, get good" but now it's all "aww, well you could always pay for it" or "here, have a feature that will do everything for you".  It's pathetic and it's the reason why fun, challenging games are dying.

So in short, take your character booster and fuck right off.

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