Monday, 1 April 2013


Oh man, why did I play this all the way through, what a piece of shit.

So, Dreamkiller (or Mouse 1: The Game as I like to call it) is about a woman who cures people of their phobias by delving into their dreams and shooting them up with a minigun.  Once she has shot enough dream monsters the person is cured.  While doing this she comes across the "Dreamkillers", an organisation of Demons that steal peoples dreams or something, its all really stupid, just ignore it and shoot stuff.

But here is the problem though, shooting stuff is boring.  When I saw the game I was sort of expecting something like Doom, but it somehow ends up being more boring then the most bottom of the barrel corridor shooter you can think of.  Basically, every level is a series of rooms and in each room you get attacked by a horde of dudes.  Once you clear out that horde of dudes, you move onto the next room and kill another horde of dudes.  Rinse and repeat this until the boss and then you beat the stage.

The other problem is the weapons, they are all really boring and most of them are totally ineffective.  The only two weapons worth a damn are the minigun with its alt fire missile that clears enemies out and the laser gun that is just super strong, everything else is crap.  But it's not like you can even carry the other weapons to experiment with them because the game does that stupid modern FPS thing and only lets you carry two at a time.

It's here where I would post a comment about the multiplayer, but from what I can tell no servers seem to exist so that can go fuck itself as well.

Long story short, this is a with a good idea behind it plot wise but with fucking terrible, repetitive gameplay, it's not even worth looking at.

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