Tuesday, 23 April 2013

More Rise of the Triad-esque Shooters Please

I made a post quite a while back about how I want there to be significantly less shooters on the market because the whole genre is fucking boring now.  Then videos of the now in production Rise of the Traid game come along and slap me in the face and tell me to shut up and do a rocket jump for joy.

For those that don't know, Rise of the Traid is a fuck old PC shareware FPS game released in 1994 and it was one of those shooters that sort of looks like Doom to the uneducated masses but is actually a pretty unique game to anyone who actually played the damn thing.

Anyway, the old game isn't really relevant here, but if you want to play it you can grab it off GoG, but the game is getting a reboot for the new age.  The first time I heard this I just ignored it, I imagined that they were just going to pull a Syndicate and turn it into yet another garbage shooter to throw on the pile.  But one day I got linked to an 18 minute video of the multilayer and holy shit does it look fun! Check this shit out! 

FUCKING. YES! It's like Quake and Unreal Tournament and shit like that.  None of this boring military "erh mah gerd killstreak" campfest semi realistic dogshit.  This is people running at the speed of sound, picking up floating guns, rocket jumping and just generally being nuts.

Bottom line, if shooters are here to stay, then more like THIS and less of this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Medal of....whatever you get the idea.  Less slow crap, more good, fun shooters like we used to have.


  1. Oh the variety of guns~! You got the gun that shoots explosives, the one that shoots explosives really fast, the one that shoots explosives THAT SHOOT EXPLOSIVES (exciting), and the one that shoots explosives and gives you a screen to show you where they are exploding. Honestly, the only FPS that I really enjoy is TF2. I totally agree that CoD and such are ruining the FPS industry though.

  2. With the exception of God Mode, Dog Mode, Excalibat, The Dark Staff and the bullet weapons, every other weapon in the original Rise of the Triad was some kind of explosive. Things exploding was Rise of the Traids forte back in shareware days. Fans of the original would probably start getting pissed off if you started fucking around and putting other things in there

    It's not like TF2 is much better. In fact, you could do a Rise of the Traid with that game and group the majority of the weapons into Bullet/Explosive/Melee but comparing the two games would be dumb because one is a class based shooter and the other is a arena shooter. Although I do enjoy a bit of Hat Fortress stuff like UT was always way more fun.