Friday, 14 June 2013

A Solution to Used Games

This isn't my solution, but I love what was said.

So everyone is flipping their shit over Xbox One not supporting used games and needing to phone home every 24 hours and other shit like that.  At the same time Cliff Bleszinski, the games industries uber twat, went on twitter and said that it's basically impossible for used games to exist with development costs being so high.

But then I went and found an article on Polygon.  This was an interview with Reggie from Nintendo and he basically said that if developers are worried about used game sales, then they should make better games.

I fucking love that Reggie stood up and said that.  I'm no Ninendo fanboy but Reggie absolutely hit the nail on the head here.  The reason games are getting traded in so often and people are buying shit used is because the "AAA" games that get pumped out nowadays are all fucking garbage.  Six hour cover based corridor shooters with tacked on multiplayer is not something your average person wants to keep in their collection for any longer than they have to.

There are probably shit tons of used Nintedo games flying around.  In fact, there were so many Wii games being traded in at my local game stores that about 90% of my Wii games were used.  But what's nice to see is that Nintendo is saying that if there is a problem with used games, it's because they are producing shit games, rather than just blaming the gamers or retail or lying about production costs.  Hell, you could probably cut costs by just taking your time and producing something of quality rather than breaking the bank on advertising for your shitty game.

So well done Reggie, well done for taking responsibility for the shit you produce.  I hope other people start to think like he does and not just start blaming customers when your shit game doesn't do very well. 

If you wanna read the article on polygon, here is the link

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