Thursday, 20 June 2013

Return of the Stream! Final Fantasy-a-thon!

I own a lot of Final Fantasy games...

I have no streamed in a while.....

Guess that means I better stream every single one of them! 

That's right! I'm starting up my stream again with a bit of a Final Fantasy marathon, starting with FF1 and working my way through the series (even the shit ones)

So come join me in my journey through one of the most famous RPG series ever  at

Also while I'm doing it I'll try and think up some incentives for people to donate.  These might be things like naming characters or telling me to beat certain sections with certain party members.  I've already set up some stuff on the page so you can go check that out for more information.  Hope to see you on

It'll start from 9pm Sweden Time!

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