Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Why the Sony Used Game Announcement is Sad

Don't freak your shit! I'm not against used games or anything like that, in fact I'm super happy the PS4 is supporting used games, in fact I was happy with pretty much all of those announcements they made at that press conference.

But the reaction to that news struck a nerve with me and while it was good news the crowd reaction to it made me a little upset.

Think about it, used games have been a thing since gaming was a thing, people sharing their collections and enjoying games together or trading in old titles to play the latest ones, it was great.  But it has now gotten to a point where companies have gotten so greedy that they don't want us to do that anymore and they are willing to force any amount of bullshit on us to make us shell out top dollar just to play their games.

The PS4 supporting used games shouldn't have been applauded because it's fucking STANDARD and it's a shame that the industry has got to the point where something as normal as used games has become big news.  You don't see the movie industry desperately trying to stop used DVDs like the games industry tries to stop used games and it's sad.

So good job Sony, not doing this whole used game DRM dogshit, and hopefully the reaction at E3 painted a good picture to the rest of the industry of how that crap will not fly.  Looks like the WiiU, PS4 and PC are the ways to go for this coming generation.

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