Saturday, 29 June 2013

An article on Speed Running....On another website!

Today I'm posting an article I wrote about my experiences getting into the world of Speed Running with They Bleed Pixels but this time I'm not posting it on the blog, I'm posting it on a website called Kinda Awesome.

While not primarily a gaming site, there is a lot of gaming stuff on there but their writers cover all sorts of topics.  Recently they have very kindly invited me to do some guest writing for me, so this little article on Speed Running is my first post for them.

I don't want anyone to worry that I'm giving up on Identity Gaming because they have very kindly said that they have no problem with me doing my own thing and writing for them on the side.  So once you've read my article, go and have a click around their site, they are cool people who write some good stuff so give it a look.

So here begins a hopefully long and healthy partnership with the guys at Kinda Awesome! Here are the links to their site and my article



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