Friday, 7 June 2013

Microsoft...What are you doing?

So we have heard about everything we could want to hear about the upcoming Xbox One, and everything we have heard so far has been fucking awful.

With E3 round the corner you think this would be a good chance for Microsoft to clear the air, justify their decisions, talk to the fans and sort this mess out.  So what do they decide to do?  Cancel their post-press conference meeting with gaming media at E3.

Now I'm no PR expert and I'm more than willing to admit I'm wrong about this if I am, but to me this seems like a fucking TERRIBLE idea.  Part of the problem with this big shit storm is that people aren't really getting solid facts, just this sort of vague stream of information that we don't like. 

Recently I've been hearing stuff like you can share your game library with your Xbox "Family" which can only include 10 people or some such nonsense and it's not like that makes the whole thing any better.

So everyone is getting upset about the vague, crap information that we currently have, and the post-show round table seems like a great time to talk to the gaming press and get some good hard facts out there to maybe make your system not seem like a complete waste of time.  So WHY THE FUCK would you just run away from that?  What the hell is wrong with you?

My guess is that they realised how bad they fucked up on this one and facing the press must look like suicide at this point.  I've been hearing all sorts of rumours about rushed production and games not being ready but sources for that are unreliable at best, but if it IS true then it makes sense why they don't want to talk to anybody, it'll just make them look even worse.

Also there are a number of people on the internet saying stuff like "Well the PS4 has been pretty tight lipped about similar issues" and while you may be right, that is the key difference here.  PS4 has been talking about games while Xbox has just had TV and sports with a little bit of doom and gloom.

Maybe I'll be just as outraged about the PS4 after E3, maybe some miracle will happen and the Xbox One will look great after E3, but right now, the Xbox looks like shit and Microsoft look like idiots.

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