Tuesday, 25 June 2013

They Bleed Pixels

Well hot damn, Steam managed to give me another awesome indie game for basically no money!

Anyway, The Bleed Pixels is an indie platformer created by Spooky Squid Games with strong lovecraftian themes but instead of a dark atmosphere and gritty tales of people going mad, they went for a game about a little girl killing the shit out of monsters in her dreams.

The story is very thin on the ground and is told through a couple of still images in between each chapter and contains absolutely no text or spoken dialogue.  From what one can tell in the first couple of screens, the story follows a young girl as she arrives at Lafcadio Acadamy for Troubled Young Ladies and she finds some kind of book that gives her nightmares.

The game play is very simple, with a sort of mix between Super Meat Boy and Devil May Cry if you boiled the game play down to one button combat on a 2D plane.  Half of the game you spend navigating platforms and desperately trying not to fall into massive spike death pits, and the other half of the game you spend comboing the levels monsters to earn enough blood gauge so you can drop down another checkpoint.

It's quite short with a prologue, an epilogue and 3 chapters with 3 levels each, but the later stages can be extremely challenging so don't expect things to be a walk in the park.  There are also so bonus stages and a staggering 126 in game goals to complete so it's not like you don't get your money's worth.

So check out They Bleed Pixels on Steam.  I like it so much maybe I'll do a playthrough!

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  1. Still getting around to finishing that game. Super entertaining. Kinda wish they would give more story to it though, or just more lore to find.