Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hitting the Grindstone with Tera Online

I've not played an MMO for a long long time.  I tried something that I forgot the name of when I first started this blog but I lost interest in that game pretty much the moment after I made the post about it, so here I am giving MMOs another chance with Tera: Rising.

Tera used to be a pay to play MMO that went free to play because monthly subscriptions on MMO games seem to only work for World of Warcraft now and any other game that tries that shit tends to die pretty quickly.  That said, after giving a brief look over Tera's free to play features, they don't seem too limiting and it looks like you can still have a good time without spending a penny.

Anyway, first thing first I made my dude.  There seems to be a lot you can do with the character creator, but there is this weird bug that people are getting at the time of writing where if you take too long it crashes, but I don't care anyway so I just went with some presets.

So after making some fat demon thing with an axe I took my first steps into Terra.  I was glad the game actually had a functional and fairly easy to use interface from the get go.  I have played a lot of free MMOs where the UI just flat out doesn't work or it's so confusing that it takes you 10s of minutes to work out how to do basic things.

So the combat is all in real time and it's a bit action gamey which is really cool, but as far as I know this isn't a new thing anymore, but either way it's pretty fun and seems like it'll be interesting once I get some skills for my Berserker.

I've not played it enough to really comment on what it's like but right from the get go there is one thing I really really like.

When you are swapping out new gear, it tells you what the thing you currently have equipped is like compared to the thing you are looking to equip.  There are so many games, both single and massively multiplayer that DON'T do this and it really fucks me off, so one step in Tera's favour is that it has this feature.

So far, smooth combat, nice graphics that run well on my piece of shit laptop, voice acted cutscenes and all sorts of other cool shit mean that Tera is gearing up to be quite fun.  Finally the cash shop looks like it's all cosmetic stuff rather than Pay2Win dogshit, but I've not had a good look round it yet so maybe I'm wrong.  Either way, fun little game, I'll keep everyone posted!

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