Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Feminism, please stop

You remember that PS4 thing about a week ago?  It was pretty good, we got some insight into the upcoming hardware, we got to see some new games everything was great.  You know what didn't cross my mind?  The gender of the fucking people on stage, but Patricia Hernandez and a bunch of idiots on twitter think that this is some kind of issue.

I'm aware Patricia Hernandez is a hack who doesn't deserve what's shes being paid (Charity link is on the side if you see this post Patricia) but her, and everyone who posted about it on twitter is just making an issue out of nothing.  Just because there were no women on stage at that event doesn't make Sony or any of the game developers sexist.  It just means that the people that those companies felt were best to give the presentations HAPPENED to be male, they were not excluding women, just no women within those various departments had enough knowledge and expertese on hand to deliver talks at the event.

Here is the worst thing though, I didn't give a fuck about feminism before this whole topic came up some time during the last year.  As someone who has experienced nothing but feminists complaining about sexism in games and other non-issue garbage, I'm now completely sour to the concept.  I've learned by reading articles and watching forum conversations that feminists don't want equality, but they just want to demonise everything men do and put themselves above.

I'm aware this probably isn't true, but as someone who has only really seen feminist arguments via video games, this is the impression I get.  Not only are these people being sexist in their complaints, but they are making their "cause" look extremely bad.

But at the end of the day, I don't give a fuck about feminism, why is this even a thing?  All I want to do is enjoy fucking video games and I'm sick of seeing shit like this day in day out.  Video games aren't oppressing you so why not go find some ACTUAL issues to moan about?  Idiots

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  1. Agreement from a woman here! Same as positive recruitment. You can't force people to do jobs they don't want to do and you can't force people to play games they don't want to. Why aren't there more men on cosmetic counters etc. It's just what appeals to people. Things change over time not by force. As long as everyone has the choice to do what they want and get paid equally for the same job, then what the heck.