Thursday, 28 February 2013

Yume Nikki: I'm Not In Your Dream

I don't think anyone I know personally has heard of this game, let alone played it so let me tell you  about a brilliant little Japanese indie gem called Yume Nikki.

Yumi Nikki (meaning Dream Diary) is a surreal horror adventure game where you have to wander round some girls dreams and find items.  Finding items grants powers but what you really have to do is drop these items (known as effects) into a big room to reach the ending.  This game is so strange, so surreal that any attempt I make to describe it won't put across just how cooked out the whole thing is.  It's a free download so just google it and give it a play, you will not regret it.

Anyway, yesterday I was linked to this website.

Yesterday it was a countdown timer, and the cynical side of me wanted to just forget about the whole thing because after The World Ends With You countdown I now think that every countdown timer will just lead to disappointment.

Luckily, I was wrong and while we didn't get a new game or a Steam version or anything like that, I met the announcement with a smile.  For those that can't read the Japanese in the above picture, it's basically saying that there is some kind of book adaptation of the Yume Nikki game coming out.

If you look at the website, the box in the middle is talking about a web manga, which I'm pretty sure is separate from the whole book thing since to my knowledge there is a clear distinction between "Novel" and "Manga".  Finally, the bottom box mentions some kind of soundtrack called "A waltz for Yume Nikki"

Given how the games were I'm super interested to see how these adaptations turn out.  Hopefully they'll get released before I have to return to the UK so I can have something to translate on the plane.

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