Thursday, 14 February 2013

That Chick Who Shaved Her Head

So apparently this story was being spread all over the place, it's even on the fucking BBC.  I was far too absorbed in doing more important shit, like video games or folding my laundry, but this highlights a really creepy side of a certain sub culture in Japan.

The girl in the above picture is called Minami Minegishi, and she is a member of a "band" called AKB48.  AKB48 is a incredibly shit band that make incredibly catchy music, so no matter how much you want to get mad at their incredibly dumb tunes, you'll still end up humming it down the street/singing it at karaoke.

So the reason for the whole head shave thing is that she was caught spending a night with her boyfriend.  It sounds weird but this is what fans of AKB48 are like.  They are put forward as this all girl group full of innocence and whatnot and there is quite a large group of fans that feel way more connected to the girls than they really should.

We are talking about kinds of people who will buy multiple copies (and this can be way more than 10 sometimes) to get invites to "hand shaking events" as well as multitudes of other weird shit.  I get mad at AKB48 gaming CD sales like this, because it basically means that the Japanese charts are a load of shit, and I'm barely made aware of good artists because the charts are clogged with this garbage.

Anyway I got way off point here.  The whole deal is that the girls in this group have to maintain the whole "innocence" thing so that the thousands of forever alones who make up the fan base don't get upset and their imaginary wife "cheating" on them.  Of course she broke the rules and shaved her noggin but the whole thing is incredibly stupid.

So to sum up the whole thing

Shit band with catchy music and strange rules
Overly attached, creepy as fuck fans numbering in the thousands
Member tries to do something that every other normal human being would do, and it backfires hard.
She's an idiot

Which reminds me I should really give that AKB48 video game a go some time.......

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