Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Crazy Japanese Cafe

Today I was planning on coming home and making a usual post on something gaming related but then I went to this crazy cafe for dinner and this shit is too weird to not post about.

The place was called Mountain and on the outside it looks pretty standard for a cafe out here, even on the inside shit seems normal....but then you get the menu.  What you are looking at in the above picture is part of the past menu, and some of the stand out dishes in that picture are the melon pasta, banana pasta and the strawberry pasta (only available in winter)

If you think that sounds disgusting, it's because it is, check this shit out.
That is the melon pasta, and it is quite possibly one of the worst tasting pasta dishes I have ever had.  With the fresh cream on top it looks like something that should be cold, but that's a hot pasta dish.  Also you can't see it too well in the photo but there are chunks of melon hiding in the pasta and hot chunks of fruit with pasta is NOT a good combo.

Luckily there are normal things on the menu so you can go there and enjoy a meal.  The normal stuff is also pretty well priced considering the size of the portion, so all in all it's quite a good place with an extremely strange gimmick.

If you ever find yourself in Nagoya, look up Mountain on google maps, you'll more than likely come out with some crazy culinary story of your own.

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