Sunday, 3 March 2013

Game Centre: Serious Business

So despite having a cold (again) I went down to the game centre today and while I usually play rhythm games and top down shooters, I decided to play something I haven't touched in a long time, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

I played a lot of Tekken 6 at university, hell, I even played a lot of Tekken 6 back in Japanese arcades in 2010.  Me and my buddies would do both pretty well online and we would even do pretty good at the game centre from time to time.

Back when I first arrived in Japan I had a few goes of Tekken Tag 2, and my local places are usually pretty quiet mid week so I spent most of my time against the computer but occasionally I'd get a game against another person and I'd do OK.  Didn't win them all but I held my own out there.

So I sat down at a packed out bank of Tekken machines today, put my 100 yen in and was instantly paired up with the guy on the other side.  Of course, the huge lack of Tekken in my life led to me getting destroyed so completely that the whole thing felt embarrassing, despite no one really giving a flying fuck.  This guy beat me down so hard that the 2 rounds I did get on him felt like cause enough to celebrate.

But this is true for pretty much every game in the game centres here (by here I mean places like Nagoya, Tokyo etc.).  If you're gonna go there you better bring your A game if you want to have any chance of winning because if not you're going to lose that 100 yen so fast that you may as well just be pouring change down the gutter.

I think with my next pay cheque I'm gonna grab a copy of Tekken Tag on the PS3 and exact some revenge on the Nagoya arcade goers.  This shit is serious!

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