Monday, 4 March 2013

Portable Price Drops

A while ago there was a lot of people talking about how the Vita is the worst thing ever and scoffing heartily at it since sales were pretty low.  THEN, there was a price cut on the Vita in Japan and sales shot above the goddamn WiiU.

Now I'm not going to jump on any sides here, I own a 3DS and a Vita and I enjoy both of them, but anyone making comments on portable system sales before a price drop seems pretty stupid.  Hell, I got my Vita before the price drop but I got it for about the same price, used, in a place called Book Off.

Anyway the reason why commenting on system sales pre price drop is dumb is because almost every system gets one at some point.  There are HUGE numbers of people who are like "I want that, but there is no point to buy it now because the price will drop".  So this causes sales to look really bad until the cut hits and BAM, sales go out the arse because people knew this shit was going to happen.

I wasn't even going to buy a 3DS originally, not because I was waiting for a price cut but because I knew that there was obviously going to be a 3DS slim, or XL or some bullshit, so I figured I would just get that.

The new generation looks exciting, so instead of arguing about sales figures and whatnot just fucking enjoy the games, because chances are that when it comes to company finances you don't really know what your talking about anyway (myself included)

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