Saturday, 16 March 2013

God of War Ascension Trophy

This story is so pathetic and petty.

So here's the deal, there is (was) a trophy in the new God of War game that was titled "Bros before hoes" which was given to players after they beat up one of the female boss characters. Apparently, this trophy was seen as misogynistic and was promptly changed by the developer.  Holy fucking goddamn is that some bullshit

So lets start with why it's bullshit.  The phrase "bros before hoes" is a phrase that has been around for fucking donkeys years.  Basically for as long as I can remember this phrase has existed, and been used for years, but literally millions of people.  No one complained about it being used then, but as soon as you put it in a video game everyone decides to use it as ammunition to take a shot because there are some people who see the games industry as an easy target for this shit.

That aside though, it made sense in the context of the game.  You beat the boss called Fury, who is this woman, and I haven't seen the whole scene but some shit happens and you get caught up in this black goo and this woman is about to do something nasty to you.  So this dude just pops out of nowhere, decides to betray the nasty lady (I think) and teleports Kratos to safety.  If he's betraying this chick to rescue Kratos I'm pretty sure that's a good reason to use the phrase "bros before hoes"

The article I read on Joystiq had a quote that said "The text was offensive to some members of the community and impacted their enjoyment of the game"


People are just complaining for the sake of it at this point.  I mean it's fucking a trophy, it doesn't even have any impact on the game, it's just a stupid little message that pops up for killing a boss so that people feel like they actually achieved something.  Also, when did people become such spineless idiots to the point where they are offended by shit like this?  No one was offended by this message, people are just taking pots shots at developers because they see the game industry as an easy fucking target.

You weren't offended when Kratos fucked 3 women for experience orbs, but you were offended by a trophy message?  Get fucked, "feminists" who complain about shit in video games aren't out for equality, they are just out to demonise men.  The most sexist people in this whole situation are the people complaining.  Piss off and let me enjoy video games without having to hear stories about your constant, pathetic whining all the fucking time.


  1. Bros before hoes is the type of thing that upsets people. The insinuation is that women are no more than hoes generally. I mean what type of crap is bros before hoes. The whole afro Caribbean gangsta rap language is offensive to European women. Good v Evil okay but not man v woman. Until males stop randomly beating up their wives and girlfriends for wearing the wrong dress or smiling at the car park attendant or even just for fun, then you will have feminism.

  2. The above is nothing to do with the game though, just a random rant