Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Vita

So a while ago I was given a Playstation Vita and I think it's about time to give my thoughts on the system.

So I'll start with how the thing looks, and I think it looks pretty damn good.  It's that same sleek black that we had with the PSP, but that shit works, it looks nice.  I'll admit that the analogue sticks look and feel a little bit cheap, at least to me, but they do the job so I'm not moaning all that much.  It sits well in your hands and everything just feels right.

The menus when you turn it on are easy to navigate too.  If you've used any kind of smart phone ever you'll be able to find your way around this thing, it's pretty user friendly.  It also has this cool paper peeling effect when you want to close an application, and I know it sounds like a stupid thing to enjoy but goddamn I really like it.

Now the big thing, the games.  Right now I own 3 games, and one of them is a HD remake of 2 PS2 games (Metal Gear).  The library right now is a little lack luster with nothing REALLY standing out except for something like Gravity Daze which I've heard is really good.  Then again the console is still young and I'd bet a good amount of money that once the console gets a little older there will be some proper belters available.

The tl;dr version of this whole post is pretty good, looking forward to the future.

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