Thursday, 7 March 2013

More Thanks and Praise

Well, I've had quite a busy day and I'm not really in a position to be making long opinion posts on whatever, so instead I'm going to take the time to thank the two people who donated for the completed Rayman run.  Hopefully this will inspire more people to throw a donation or two towards the Society, the link is on the side.

Also, I am willing to take requests for runs if you're willing to put forward a charity donation.  Name your game and I'll be more than happy to give it a crack for your entertainment.  Send an e-mail or yell at me on my stream, whatever you fancy.  If I don't own it or I'm unable to record it, I'll seek it out and get round to it, I'll play anything for the sake of charity!

I'll be working on the next play through soon, so keep an eye out on that YouTube channel

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